How my Shed became the Hub of a Cheese Empire, delivering fabulous Westcountry cheeses to all corners of the land. How I became Bovey Tracey's Leading Shed-Based Virtual Cheesemonger. No, really.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cheese Revelation!

The germ of the idea came last November (2005). A Saturday. I'd suddenly had the idea to sell cheese online. Not just any cheese but Westcountry cheese. A website that specialised in Westcountry farmhouse cheeses and had as many as possible all available in one place.

I mean, supposing you wanted to buy Yarg in Yarmouth, or Blue Vinney in Blackpool. And supposing you couldn't find them for love nor money. Then suppose there was a website where you could get both of them and be tempted by lots of others. It might just work ...

This was the beginning of The Cheese Shed.


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