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Monday, March 26, 2007

No more Ashmore

No more Ashmore. Do you see what I did there?

Ok forget it.

We tried to order some Ashmore last week only to find that it is no more. As I understand it, makers Pat and David Doble have retired from cheesemaking. It does sound possible, though, that the recipe has been sold and that Ashmore may Live Again. Hope so, because this cheese - a big award winner at the 2005 British Cheese Awards - is too good to lose ...

Sadly, though, for the time being we've had to take it off the site.

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Blogger jane said...

dear ian
just to keep you updated, we the cheesemakers of canterbury started making ashmore cheese in kent in may 2007 under the very keen eyes of pat & david and with all their help and knowledge we are now selling ashmore again.the original criteria/recipe remains the same and so far it is being well received in kent and we hear people in wiltshire/dorset/hampshire think it is still "ashmore"

7:43 pm


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